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About Us     

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that these wild places deserve long-term protection and that the most direct way to achieve this is through education. By experiencing the wonders of the wet tropics, we hope to inform, delight and inspire you to ensure that it remains just as it is.

Flexible in nature, our excursions provide one of the very best opportunities to observe some of Australia's most elusive, unusual and unique wildlife by visiting up to eleven different habitats, from reef to rainforest in the Tropical North Queensland region. Excursions are led by Jonathan Munro and are tailored to the specific interests of individuals and groups, from half or single day to several days or longer in duration, either intensive or conducted at a more leisurely pace.


Born in England, Jonathan has extensive experience leading birdwatching,  wildlife and rainforest excursions. Since 1987 he has led over 3500 excursions in the Tropical North Queensland region and Australia-wide. His international clients include Audubon Societies, Sierra Club, BBC natural history, museum, university, zoo and alumni groups, numerous cinematographers and photographic groups, international bird clubs, travel agents, families and individuals. Jonathan offers bird watching and wildlife tours to Cape York/Iron Range, Kakadu and the Northern Territory, Tasmania and most other notable regions around Australia.


Jonathan has traveled extensively to observe wildlife in Common WallarooAfrica, Borneo, China, Mongolia, USA, Canada, the Arctic, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia and Europe. In addition, he has worked as a biologist for the Australian Parks and Conservation Service and for organizations concerned with wildfowl and wetlands conservation and captive breeding programs for rare and endangered species. He has also been employed by James Cook University as a Field Researcher, for six years, conducting fauna surveys in the north Queensland region.


Jonathan supports many local rainforest restoration and rehabilitation projects and is a firm believer in a more practical and realistic approach to aiding and conserving the local environment.  To that end, two strategically situated and significant forested properties, totalling almost 300 acres, were purchased in 1991 and 2004. Together they became Warrigal Highland Rainforest Preserve, a private wildlife sanctuary, owned and managed by Wild Watch Australia.

To date, more than 16,000 native rainforest and wet sclerophyll trees have been planted at the preserve to provide habitat for many species of animals and plants, many of which are listed as vulnerable, rare, threatened and endangered. Ongoing projects include the revegetation and restoration of areas cleared by previous landholders and degraded by  cattle grazing.

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Wild Watch (JM) has full Operator Accreditation #900273026, Driver Authorization, Licenses, Permits for restricted areas, and Full Insurance and First Aid Certificates. BN #17176104 ABN#13775354602



                                                 Warrigal Plantings 1095 Warrigal Plantings 2009
Warrigal tree plantings, 1995 and the same site in December, 2009                                                 












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